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Blockchain Revolutionizing The Power Of Truth In Recruiting

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Cyber-security and privacy are some of the most talked-about topics in talent acquisition especially when it comes to using 3rd party vendor solutions. Having worked as an HR tech solution provider we are constantly being tested and questioned about the level of security and candidate privacy – and so we should be!

The latest hot topic in talent tech is surrounding verified information when it comes to credentialing and the truth of a person's resume. Of course, looking at a resume and verifying a person's credentials is not something new in talent acquisition, but how can it be done faster, more securely, and in a verified way while at the same time maintaining a person’s privacy?

A new platform introduced in 2020, called WorkWolf, is one of the first professional credentialing companies where you the candidate owns your own data, as well as leveraging your profile to make it easier and faster for employers to verify and hire you. Essentially, like NEXUS and TSA-Pre-check at customs, you get to the front of the line with any institution, company, and organization that needs verified information pertaining to your background and resume. Think of it like "Resume 2.0"! Come to think of it the resume is very ancient and has never really evolved. And, many people's resumes or LinkedIn profiles are self-proclaimed. WorkWolf wants to change that!

This platform works on blockchain technology (which for us normal people is an immutable ledger that is very secure and tamper-proof) that is decentralized where you own your own data and decide who and when you would like to release the information. Ultimately, you control it and you own it (which is the way it is supposed to be). This is a game-changer from the traditional methods of verifying credentials for a job or even background checking. What it does is it gives you the power to carry your personal information with you anywhere, and you as the candidate has the power to release it to whom you want and when you want. Furthermore, it verifies the truth to which you can't tamper with and nor can anyone else.

In my opinion, it is your digital resume that you can release to anyone anywhere to which employers can trust. The platform is also allowing to up skill on its platform by offering a free career management assessment to help you better match jobs in the marketplace. It is definitely leading-edge HR tech and it will change the way we verify credentials to get to the front of the line quicker in the future. Lookout 'resume' as here comes WorkWolf to lead the pack with verified candidate details. Everyone is always seeking the truth when it comes to hiring and this platform will revolutionize the power of truth in the way we recruit in the future.

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