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Enabling Companies To Improve Their Hiring Process

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We empower organizations with an effective talent strategy using actionable insights, efficient processes and relevant technologies to improve hiring.

Let's Build Your Hiring Playbook

Our Formula


Attracting, and hiring the right people is vital to meet your company’s hiring goals. Our team will guide you on a disciplined, sustainable approach to attract and hire the best talent. 


Execution is all about having a consistent and efficient process to ensure you hire the best people in a timely manner. We will help you build a hiring process that is effective and sustainable.


In today’s world of hiring technology is a key differentiator in your hiring strategy. We will help you launch the most innovative and relevant technologies that will enable you to hire exceptional, diverse talent. 

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Corey Shaw, Founder at
North Star Talent

Corey Shaw is the Founder of North Star Talent and a well recognized North American talent acquisition leader.


Corey has over 25 years experience leading talent acquisition programs at top organizations across Canada to build their Talent Acquisition Program.


Austin Film Festival

The last few years have been hard on staffs everywhere. Here at Austin Film Festival, we were no exception. We found ourselves with many personnel needs and struggled to bring in ideal candidates to fill them. That is where North Star stepped in.
North Star's processes and strategies helped us retool our overall hiring practices. With great enthusiasm, they helped us rebuild and reshape, from the ground up, our internal philosophy on staffing at all levels, from interns to executive staff. This started from better identifying our operational needs within the organization, more strategic marketing of the open positions we had available, gathering highly informative information on potential candidates, and creating standardized and clearer hiring workflows.
Not only have we seen a marked difference in the candidates that show interest in AFF, but this has better helped us identify Austin Film Festival as a brand overall and made excited to update our practices and bring in new hires.

Kawartha Lakes Family Health Care

My experience working with Corey from North Star was filled with so many moments of discovery and enlightenment! 
Corey was truly invested from the 'get go' in regards to gaining an understanding of our Family Health Team’s culture.


He provided us with valuable information and steadfast guidance throughout the process and he ultimately put us on a quest to determine what we truly value most in our organization. 


Corey carefully navigated us on how we could develop our “brand” showcasing the uniqueness of our organization and the ways in which we could attract and retain our organization’s best resource – our employees! #EVP

I would recommend Corey and North Star to any organization looking to develop, enhance or boost their recruitment and retention strategies!"

Gore Mutual

North Star was able to act as a catalyst in our efforts to define our Talent Acquisition and Attraction Strategy. As an organization going through a tremendous amount of transformation, we were able to bridge the gap between our old and new approach. North Star offered consultation on several topics including campus hiring, candidate assessments, competency mapping, emerging KPI's and recruitment marketing.  North Start helped expedite the process and get us to a place of solutioning 
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