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Talent Technology Approach and Partners

In today's dynamic, fast-paced business environment the effectiveness of your recruitment process is crucial.  At North Star Talent, we specialize in enabling companies to harness the full potential of recruitment technologies. Our goal is to help you streamline your hiring practices, making them not only more efficient but also more inclusive and productive.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of services and talent technology partners designed to optimize your recruitment process. 

Technology Integration: Seamlessly integrate advanced recruitment technologies into your existing process architecture and systems.

Operational Excellence: Our talent partners will guide you to effectively operationalize your talent technologies ensuring simple, efficient processes with reporting analytics.


Diversity and Inclusion: Leverage processes and technology to reduce bias and create a more diverse and inclusive hiring experience and talent pipeline. 

Productivity, Engagement and Retention: Implement tools and strategies for greater hiring productivity, engagement and retention outcomes.

Talent Discovery Technology

Conversational AI : Increase Candidate Engagement!

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Our Partners

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Maximize the impact of every recruitment interaction with scalable solutions. Our partner Humanly provides AI-driven co-pilot streamlining the hiring process by managing screening, coordinating schedules, meticulous note-taking, and timely follow-ups. This intelligent system delivers valuable insights at every step, enabling you to concentrate on assembling your ideal team. Experience the blend of efficiency and personal touch in your recruitment journey.

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Harness the power of advanced Natural Language Processing and Generative AI to elevate your talent onboarding and screening processes with unparalleled accuracy. SenseLoaf has state-of-the-art, explainable AI using sophisticated scoring algorithms, enabling rapid and comprehensive assessment of candidates across a broad spectrum of metrics predictive of top-tier performance. Experience a new era of precision and speed in identifying and securing the best talent for your organization.


Bring no-hassle background checks into your existing workflows. With Certn’s API serving as an extension of your product, you’ll deliver a customized, brand-appropriate experience for recruiters and candidates alike.

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Welcome to the realm of POP – Predictor of Potential™, the forefront of employment assessments and screening tools. Our proven methodologies are designed to identify and nurture candidates with the highest potential to become top-tier performers. By harnessing your company's unique talent data, Self Management Group will craft a bespoke hiring model that mirrors the qualities of your most successful employees, ensuring a streamlined and effective talent acquisition process.


Great talent is hard to find. SeekOut Recruit makes it easy to create, diversify, and accelerate your talent pipelines. With millions of candidate profiles and specialized talent pools, SeekOut is the most trusted resource for diverse and hard-to-find talent.  Review resumes faster and spend more time on candidate engagement. SeekOut validates applicants for open roles based on their skills and experiences. Save hundreds of hours, increase fairness, and reduce bias in the hiring process. 

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