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1. Discovery Consultation

Our introductory consultations will help us formulate where you are in your talent acquisition journey. Through in-depth conversations we will advise you on some best next steps to find your true North Star. 

Book us today for your introductory consultation to learn how we can optimize your recruiting.

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2. Hiring Insights


Our Hiring Insights Review (HIR) is a useful tool for examining your current hiring practices by being able to analyze 5 critical areas for successful hiring to sustain an optimized recruitment practice.


This review will help you eliminate your immediate bias to help diagnose your recruitment strengths, and potential underlying deficiencies.

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3. Recruitment 
Process Review

Our recruitment process review sessions will examine what you are doing to stay relevant and competitive in the in your recruitment plan. During our sessions we review your Hiring Insights Review results and strategize with your team on the on a suggested plan help make your hiring better. 

Discover how much better you can be in your hiring process with our strategi advice.

our 5 pillars of hiring success

1. Attraction

Attracting exceptional, diverse candidates is a challenge for all organizations.  We can guide you to develop a marketing plan with targeted outreach activities to attract and find the right candidates.   

2. screening

Ensuring candidates are effectively screened early in the process is critical to a recruiters time management. A good candidate screening process will also help you improve employee performance and retention.  

3. pipelining

North Star Talent has the expertise to guide you in building a pipeline of exceptional, diverse candidates to meet your constant hiring needs. If you are new to pipelining candidates do not worry, because we know what works.

4. technology

Effective recruiting technology is critical to enhance your processes and can help you predict your next star candidate.  Find out how we can help elevate your hiring practices through enhanced, innovative recruitment technology.

5. reporting

Turning data into intelligence is a very important ingredient to help in making better hiring decisions. If data is used correctly then it can guide you in your recruitment strategy. We can enable you with the right information to execute your hiring strategy.

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