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Job Postings Are Going Video!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Yes, video is the future of talent acquisition!

  • "1 billion hours of YouTube content are watched per day around the world." 😲 (Harver 2020).

We live in a world of video chat, virtual meetings, YouTube, Netflix, and a myriad of video content. Everything is online and video. The use of video has never been more accessible in our personal and work lives. As a matter of fact, people on LinkedIn are posting videos on all kinds of content (So I guess even this post is behind the times using print…LOL).

Attracting candidates is not something new to talent acquisition, but we certainly need to keep up with the times and be willing to step out of our comfort zones and try video content. The standard job posting in print will slowly be less used and platforms like Indeed will surely want to charge you a premium for video job posting in the future.

Based on research from the ATS Talent Nest, it found that the #2 source for the volume of candidates applying and the #3 source for producing high-quality candidates came directly from company websites. Indeed was #1 for sourcing quantity of candidates, but was actually #7 for producing high-quality recruits. So while job aggregators may want to charge you more for video content, you may want to invest those dollars wisely in your own backyard with your corporate job posting website and social media.

While there may be some compliance issues early on with video job postings it will certainly be the way of the future. Companies like McDonald's have already tested the waters with Instagram job applications and many videographers have already been strongly marketing their services to create a video for people’s LinkedIn profiles to strengthen their presence in the marketplace. I think the video is here to stay and it is just going to get more creative as time goes on.

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