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Working with Laptops


Recruitment Courses That Help You Grow

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Attracting Candidates

Marketing the Career

Our training courses help you market to the right candidates and improve the candidate experience. 

People In Discussion

Screening Candidates

Choosing The Right Person

Training courses to understand how to screen for the best candidates in order to make sure your hire the best. 

Data on a Touch Pad

Technology& Reporting

Creating Efficiencies

Training designed to teach you how to leverage your data in your recruiting process and technology to enhance your capabilities.  

Our Courses

Marketing Strategies to Attract Candidates

  1. Building Your Hiring Persona

  2. Social Media & Video Postings

  3. Creating A Referral Network

  4. Target Job Marketing

Understanding The Hiring Technology Landscape

  1. Applicant Tracking Systems

  2. Pre-Hire Assessments

  3. Automation In Recruiting

  4. Talent Intelligence

Building a Candidate Screening Strategy

  1. Introduction To Screening 

  2. Developing the Interview

  3. Using Assessments

  4. Screening vs. Selection

Setting Up An Effective Recruitment Reporting Process

  1. Hiring Process Basics 

  2. Talent Scorecard

  3. Assessment Benchmarking

  4. Leveraging Talent Intelligence

How To Manage A Candidate Pipeline

  1. The Fundamentals of Candidate Pipelining

  2. Building A Candidate Pool

  3. Marketing To Your Pipeline

How To Develop A Successful Intern Hiring Program

  1. Who Are Your Best Interns 

  2. Intern Social Media Marketing

  3. Building An Intern Advocacy Program

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